One week left here In Alaska. With a few days off work remaining, I decided to go all out.

I spent yesterday on the 13 hour bus tour of the park. I needed to see Denali one last time. The mountain was out all day, completely unobscured. I have been waiting all summer to see the mountain like it looks in the postcards. Success.

In total yesterday we saw over 15 grizzly bears, 2 peregrine falcons, 1 northern harrier, 1 caribou, 2 moose, 14 doll sheep and 1 arctic ground squirrel. Well, the squirrel may not count because…

As we watched a mother grizzly and her cub, she started sprinting over the tundra. Soon we realized she was chasing a squirrel! The chase didn’t last long. She caught that little guy and ate him while her cub looked on in wonder. Amazing! So technically, I’ve seen a bear hunt and make a kill. Squirrel burrito!

The day before this tour though, I did one of the most incredible things I have ever done. I took a flightseeing tour right up to Denali, face to face, and landed on a glacier!IMAG0104

The sun was shining and the sky was clear for miles around. The 10 person plane flew right toward Mt. McKinley, 200 yards from the north face. Only up close and from a clear view could I appreciate how monstrous and powerful Denali really is. Looking down on winding glaciers full of ice and debris, it slowly started to sink in that I have never in my life seen anything like this. I was speechless for most of the flight.

We glided between peaks and shadows and up and over clouds with ease. Far below I could make out tracks in the snow, covered glacier that would be our landing sight. The pilot lowered the skis and we slid to a stop… on a freakin’ glacier!IMAG0161

High fives and awestruck looks were exchanged between everyone. I just don’t have the words to describe this properly. It was just incredible.

And as if this weren’t enough, on the way home, the full moon rose above the mountains making for an amazing photo opportunity. Behind us, the sunset cast a beautiful pink light over the land, bringing the day to an end.

An epic couple of days for sure.IMAG0221


(Side note: someday I’m going to buy a really nice camera. For me, my photos of animals are a little disappointing and fuzzy. I hope to have better equipment in the future. Also, my apologies in advance. I’d like my website to be better organized, but I’m not very good with computers. In time I plan on becoming a WordPress guru! Thanks!!)


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