This is going to be a little different. I’m trying to grow this website into a successful and popular travel blog, the inspiration of which came from my many travels around the world. I love writing about my new experiences from other countries and the crazy stories along the way because everything is new and exciting. But, here in my hometown, nothing is new. I find myself wondering, “How am I supposed to write about stuff that I grew up with?” So then I thought, that I’d try to look at it like if this were my first time here. What would I want to see? Where would I want to go?

The Midwest does really have some cool things to offer in regards to travel. We don’t have mountains or oceans or anything people would consider Grand in scale. The charm of the Midwest comes from the little things. The term, “Small town U.S.A.” had to have come from the Midwest and it’s an important part of our country. Growing up, I remember the first time my family and I visited Elephant Rocks State Park, Missouri.

Elephant Rocks State Park, Missouri

Elephant Rocks State Park, Missouri

I haven’t been back there in twenty years, but I checked it out this past week. Still fun! It’s a small state park, (You can walk around it 30 minutes) but unique to the area. A granite bald in the forest has these monstrous boulders that have been sitting there for 1.5 billion years. I love geology and the outdoors, so climbing around on these rocks was a good day. And since I hadn’t been back in so long, it brought a lot of memories into mind. I saw where my family and I had a picnic and smiled as I remembered how everything looks so much smaller now that I’m grown up. Funny how that works!


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