I’m so happy my website is finally finished! I have spent months teaching myself web development/ design and struggling the whole way through. I started with such grand ideas about how I wanted my site to look, but soon discovered I’d have to compromise quite a bit between my vision and reality. Web design is hard! I’m proud of how it looks though, especially considering I knew nothing about making a website a year ago. Now I can finally relax and start writing again.

I can’t wait till my next adventure. I don’t know where I’ll go or when, but I’m excited nonetheless. In the meantime, I’m living here in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. I’ve got my own apartment and I’m doing a lot of spiritual/ personal growth. So, until I pick and move again, I’d like to do my best to represent the Midwest of America. So many people from around the world come to the states and visit New York or LA, and that’s it. They skip the whole middle part!

Missouri Summer

Missouri Summer

When I was a tour guide back in 2013, I drove passengers from the east coast to west coast and had to explain how the America seen on TV in no way represents the whole country. We have 50 states. Each one with different history, culture, and accents of their own. So I’ll be writing about MY part of the country and what it was like to grow up in the Midwest, until it’s time for me to hit the road again.

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