I’ve had this reoccurring dream for years now. I’m waking up in a pop-up tent, sitting on the roof of a Land Rover Defender 4×4. The hot African sun is already baking the canvas siding. I unzip the flap and peer out over a dew-covered landscaped of shrubs and savanna. Birds in the trees, the herd gathers strength and predators lie in the bushes- all waiting for the new day to bring light back to the earth. I climb down, eat breakfast, pack up and set out on a game drive, on my own, going anywhere and everywhere.

My heart has been telling me for a long time where I’d be truly happy. This dream best illustrates how I want to feel the rest of my life. Free. Filled with peace and serenity and getting ready to step out into the unknown. There is not one, single, tangible thing I’m looking for as a traveler- it’s a feeling. It’s something that’s difficult to put into words, but I know it’s there. It’s a feeling of oneness.

mill and water fall, Crawford county, Missouri

mill and water fall, Crawford county, Missouri

After I finished the Camino De Santiago last December, I came home to Missouri to find a job and get an apartment. Mission Accomplished!! I found a job and a really nice place almost immediately! Things were going according to plan.

Here I sit though, 9 months later, my passion for travel undiminished. (I’m a big fan of taking huge leaps of faith. It’s exciting. Even if it doesn’t work out.) So I’ve decided to turn this blog into a full time business!

I have no idea how I’m going to do this. I’m nervous because it’s going to be a lot of work but, I feel like I have to try. The past few months, all I’ve done is read books on spiritual awareness and practice meditation. I had the realization that if I follow my heart and do what makes me happy, then something good will come of it, even if I have doubts. How am I going to make this work? Is anyone even going to read this? How on earth do I make money blogging?! I have a lot to learn but I know I will always regret not giving it a shot. So, without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling with my travel blog, Amble Unbound! Hooray!!! (I imagine people will stand and clap right about now. Thank you!)

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