Traveling is my life. It’s what I am most passionate about. This passion can be extremely expensive however and over the years I have stressed over being broke to the point of insanity.

I am so grateful for all the amazing travel stories that I have, but they were all hard earned. For a long time my method was to work for a year, save money, travel and repeat. Doing it this way ensured I could travel, unencumbered by attachments back home, but eventually I always ran out of money.

My trips have always been filled with money concerns because I was living on savings, not a sustainable source of income. The pressure of budgeting so I could stay on the road longer, mounted with every ATM withdrawal, every dinner with friends or drinks bought at a bar.

ok, this photo is mine.

ok, this photo is mine.

Being broke, chips away at my confidence, my self-worth and even my identity. Oh my God I have no money I’ll never do anything with my life! Blaaahhh!!

At times, I have let this stress ruin my experience. With my bank account running low and no ideas, I would feel like a caged tiger, cornered and afraid with no way out. My teeth bared and claws unsheathed, I would hold my breath, desperately waiting for a sign.

courtesy of ... pshhh, i wish* this pic was mine!

courtesy of … pshhh, i wish* this pic was mine!

The past few years though, that tiger has turned into a more confident beast, one who can stand tall and roar with an earth-shattering ferocity.  I’ve learned a few tricks that I use to encourage a more positive outlook when my finances resemble an empty glass rather than an overflowing spring.

Here’s what I try to do

Firstly though, I must understand and accept that my thoughts create my reality.

  • I try to focus on what I do have. I believe that by focusing on the abundance I already possess, invites more positive thinking and financial growth in my life.
  • I make sure to say thank you for the things I have. By recognizing what the universe has provided, I free up space for more abundance.
  • I make a gratitude list. Everything I can think of. Today, it looks something like this: I can pay for rent, going out with friends, putting gas in my car, buying whatever food I need, etc…
  • I do my best to avoid debt. Having too much debt focuses my attention on my lack of money and in turn invites more of it. I just breathe and know I’ll pay off my debt in due time.
  • If I understand that my thoughts create my reality, then I need to stop telling myself, “I have no money”. My life is a reflection of my thoughts. If I constantly tell myself I have no money, then it’s true. Instead, I try and change my thoughts and focus on the abundance I do have.
  • The hardest one though, is releasing resistance to more money. In my journey, I’ve found one of the biggest reasons I resist money is this…

The saying, “Money doesn’t buy happiness”, has been stuck in my head all my life, and has led me to believe that I can either be happy, OR have lots of money.

Since being happy in life is my number one priority, I believe I have subconsciously resisted an abundance of money all my life! My subconscious mind whispers, “Hey man, you don’t want money, you’ll lose all happiness in life. The only way to get lots of money is to get a fancy desk job and you would hate that!”

I work really hard to release this idea, because I know it’s not true. But changing a deep seeded thought pattern like this takes time. I’m still working on it! An affirmation I use for this is, I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY AND RICH.

So there you have it. These are all my great ideas for handling stress with money and being broke. I say these things, but I need to take my own advice. This is all way easier said than done, and some days I’m still that tiger in my corner, fighting to stand tall again.sumatran-tiger-518771_1920

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