Before my long awaited expedition to Kenya began, my dad and I took a short trip to Czech Republic to explore and drink beer.

Prague, Czech Republic is best known for exotic history and medieval architecture but especially great beer!

My dad and I spent one week in Prague, walking around the city, stopping for a drink, walking some more, eating, walking, drinking… repeat!

It was amazing to visit some of the top spots like Charles Bridge and St. Vitus Cathedral but more than that, it was a bonding experience with my dad.


I shared with him my expectations and apprehension about going to Africa in just two short weeks. (I was heading to Kenya to volunteer for 6 months!)


I was nervous that I wouldn’t make any friends in Africa. Also, I was feeling really self-conscious about my weight at the time. Though I had a physically demanding job in the oil field, my diet of gas station doughnuts and peanut butter M&M’s made me pack on the pounds like a bear getting ready for winter. I knew that in the upcoming tropical climate surrounded by housemates, I’d have to face my body image insecurities soon.


In any case, it was great to talk with my dad and share a few beers together. Something that until this point in my life, we had never done.

But after one short week of pilsners and plates of roast pork and dumplings, it was time to head back to England, briefly, before the most epic, inspiring, catastrophic, challenging, life changing trip ever.

I can’t say it enough…

I was going to Africa!!!

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