We all have a higher mind, our consciousness, where our intuition sits. But we can’t see it, or grab it, because it exists, for the most part, outside of this physical reality.

In my journey, I’ve been researching how to develop and utilize my higher mind, and I’ve learned some amazing things! But this post is about grounding!

What is grounding?

Grounding is tapping into, and aligning with the vibration and energy frequency of the earth, to fully integrate your physical mind/ body/ spirit in the present moment.

It’s important to become a whole person and use your higher consciousness every day, but in doing so, I often neglect grounding. I can tell when I’m off my center because I feel uncomfortably light, disconnected, anxious, frantic, unfocused and even I hold my breath, instead of breathing deeply and calmly.

Why is it important?

Integrating grounding techniques into your everyday life helps creates a stronger sense of self awareness, calm and centering… and reduces stress, muscle tension, fatigue and even risk of diseases.

Grounding is so important because we’re not just one, higher-self perspective. We live in this physical world and being connected to it, fully, promotes a whole, natural self where health and happiness abound!

17 ways to get grounded!

  1. Breathing exercises

    Sitting quietly, and breathing deeply helps ground your energy. Try inhaling for a slow count of 4, then exhaling the same, and repeat six times. Notice how you feel afterward.

  2. Meditation

    Learning to mediate is one of the best ways to center yourself, and ground your energy! Clear your mind and bring your attention to the present moment.

  3. Visualization techniques

    DSC01306 - CopySit quietly with your eyes closed, and imagine a place or time when you felt grounded. For me, I use (Standing on a beach watching a sunset over the ocean, sitting by the camp fire at night with a sky full of stars, or walking through a beautiful, dry desert.) Whatever image calms and relaxes you helps with grounding.

  4. Carrying hematite with you

    Hematite is as stone and a primary ore of iron. It is dense in weight and in close contact with your energy, helps ground you.

  5. Eating potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables

    Nutrition plays a huge role in how you feel. Eating foods that come from the earth naturally, especially those which grow underground, help align your energy with the earth’s frequency.

  6. Walking barefoot in the grass

    sand works too!! photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

    sand works too!! photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

    The earth has a natural, negative electrical charge that moves through any conductor it comes in contact with. In our day to day, we build up electrical stress, in our body that can be easily released by connecting with the earth’s electrical potential. This optimizes our immune system, reduces stress and increases an overall sense of calm and happiness. (Our ancestors used to do this by default, but now we live in cities and wear shoes, boo!)

  7. Massaging your feet and legs

    This is one of my personal favorites, that I do more often than others. In my day to day life, my focus and attention is habitually on my torso and head, with no conscious regard for my legs or feet. (something i’m working on) At the end of the day, my legs muscles feel tight and my energy flow locked up and rusted shut, in a way. I massage my legs and feet back to life, and get the energy flowing again!

  8. Pictures that ground you

    I have pictures on my wall of things that ground me, i.e. a waterfall, sunset, desert, the ocean, night sky full of stars. These images calm me, and remind me of how i feel when i’m in those places. This is a powerful tool.

  9. Burning incense

    Burning incense and stimulating your sense of smell can be very useful. Some great ideas for grounding incense are lavender, sandalwood and sage. (I don’t have a great sense of smell, so personally I don’t work with incense.)

  10. Take a shower, go swimming


    Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

    Water is the cure-all purifier. Being in water relaxes muscles, eases tension and washes away stress and helps release energy flow back to the earth.

  11. Read or watch movies

    Our lives can be hectic and stressful. When you have time, sit down and watch a movie that promotes good feeling vibes, calms you down and leaves you feeling comforted. Same go’s for reading a good book too!

  12. Exercise

    Just 20 minutes of exercise is a great way to release energetic resistance, ground you and center your attention. Exercise is universally understood and easy to control in you daily life.

  13. Grounding music

    Similar to utilizing other media for grounding purposes, music can have a major influence on your connectivity to earth’s energy. A song that moves you, brings you close to tears and takes you to that place of calm serenity, is a great tool to help ground you. (I use music to align my energy every… single… day!)

  14. Strengthen your root chakra

    photo courtesy of pixabay.com

    photo courtesy of pixabay.com

    Study your chakra system and learn to balance each one. Your first chakra, or root chakra is located at the base of the spine, and is the seat of grounding and sense of connectivity to the earth.

  15. Yoga, Tai chi

    Yoga has grown in popularity to help promote stronger muscles, better fitness and improved mood. But energetically whats happening is your spirit and awareness are balancing too. These practices are great for grounding!

  16. Gardening

    IMAG0989Nothing more obvious than literally putting your hands in the earth!

  17. Drink tea

    Lastly, something as simple as drinking a cup of tea, like chamomile or green tea, helps ground and calm you energy. (After watching something like, i don’t know… Fast and Furious, I’ll drink a cup of tea to ground myself again, because media like that, though exciting, brings me out of alignment.)


What causes you to become un-grounded?

Sugar, caffeine, stress, anxiety, television or movies that cause anxiety (reality TV is the worst!), commercials, un-grounded people that actually try and ground themselves THROUGH you, feeling overwhelmed, panicked or confused.

How can you tell if you’re grounded?

Your emotions are the first line of defense when it comes balancing your energy. How do you feel? Being grounded is being completely aware that your body is here, in the present moment and feels as though you’re being pulled by gravity, toward the earth. You feel happy, content, and comfortably dense and overall connected to the ground your standing on. You breathe easily, are relaxed and secure in your self-identity.

How can you tell if you’re not?

Feeling anxious, clumsy, unfocused, confused, struggling to real your goals, being late, having cold feet and poor circulation in your legs. For me, being bloated and anxious are the telltale signs i’m out of alignment and need to center myself.

How do I personally incorporate grounding in my life?

Well, having said all of the above, it is a practice. I don’t do all of those things everyday, how can I? I have a job and responsibilities, i simply don’t have the time or energy. What I do, is everyday i actively try to assess how i’m feeling, 5 times a day, 10 times 20 times, however many times i can remember to ask myself how i’m feeling.

If i’m feeling good, happy and consciously aware of being in the moment, I congratulate myself, take note of what i’m doing right, and try to keep it up!

If however, i notice I’ve become distracted by the frantic energy of my coworkers, or getting sucked in the a poor TV show, I do my best to immediately find a quiet moment to myself, and give myself a pep talk. I do visualizations and remember my emotions of being on a beautiful hike or watching the camp fire under the star, and bring that emotion to the present moment. Or i focus on planning what i’ll do later in the day to ground myself! I get excited to come home, breathe and meditate because i know how much better i’ll feel, and this helps me get through the day.

I drink tea and sit quietly before bed, a lot. It’s easy to do, simple to understand and works really well! And I sleep awesome!

When i’m too frantic and can’t focus enough to meditate, i’ll listen to soothing music. I’m an auditory learner, and music impacts my life greatly. Also, if i can’t sit still and feel anxious, i go for a walk or hit the gym till my anxiety melts away. I love that feeling!

I do my best to stay grounded, but i’m not perfect. Life is full of instances that will try and steal my attention away from “being me.” I think, all one can do is their best, and ground their energy back to the tranquil frequency of the earth as much as they can.

This is not an exhaustive list on grounding tips. Do your homework, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Pay attention to what works best for you, and make those tricks part of your intuitive lifestyle.

Did you like this post? Did you find it helpful? Have you noticed times when you’re grounded or not? Comment below!


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