I mean, I’m not a huge Game of Thrones fan, but I know that’s a thing.

I have been in Park City, Utah, waiting to begin my seasonal bus driving job for 6 days and already it feels like a lifetime. Is that weird?

The three days I took to drive here from my home town of St. Louis, Missouri were awesome! I love driving. The open road out in front of me and nothing but hours and hours to kill- alone with my thoughts and an IPod filled with MY music. There is something about driving. For me, it’s a state of being, where I feel so incredibly free and clear minded. As if sitting behind the wheel, is when my destiny moving forward is literally in my hands (master of my fate)… and I like that.

In all honesty, I didn’t even want to come. I am so tired of seasonal work. It’s loud and exhausting and there are people everywhere. I never have any time alone and as an Empath, solitude and my own personal space is extremely important to me.

I came because I was tired of not being able to support myself in st.l. and any direction was better than no direction at all. That’s my logic anyway.

I’ve been using the law of attraction and vibration to battle my depression and anxiety, and the past few months I’ve seen some real improvement! I mean, I’m studying to teach English abroad, I got this driving opportunity and my mood is positive and uplifted the majority of the time. All sorts of things are happening for me, which is so great!!

I asked the universe for my own place to live out here, but again find myself living with seasonal workers. I don’t know why I thought this time would be different. I guess I hoped my prayers would be answered, that the universe was finally on my side, or that a miracle would happen. Either way, I feel suffocated already, and I haven’t even started working yet.

I want to believe the Universe can hear me, but sometimes… #LOA Click To Tweet

I moved into a three bedroom home that I’m currently sharing with another driver and his pregnant wife. During my first night, we sat down for a spaghetti dinner and got to know one another.

My roommate has a thick black beard and a mustache that he keeps twisting at the ends- curled up like one of those black snake fireworks. He talked to me about job commitment and how he’s one of the few keeping the city afloat and not just looking for a paycheck. Oh God, does he know that’s what I’M doing here?

As he talked he would grab a strand of spaghetti with his fingers and tie it in little knots before eating it, then use the oil from the noodles to curl his mustache some more.

His wife then mentioned she was due in three weeks, but the doctor would induce labor sometime in the next 10 days. I caught myself wondering how thin the walls around here were.

My eyes wide with bewilderment from the peculiarity of my situation, I got up from the table and noticed my roommates’ toes were painted a bright shade of pink nail polish- all ten of em’. Apparently they both had pedicures recently. I asked for my own place to live and this is what I got? The universe has a sense of humor as twisted as my roommates’ facial hair.

But they are lovely people and i’m glad they’re so accommodating- making sure I know where kitchen stuff is and how to use the TV. I may not have gotten what I asked for, but at least I’m not living with any party animals. that would be a deal breaker.

imag1021I’ve spent the week trying to keep busy and enjoy my time, while not stressing about money. During the day I go to the library which is bran new and features quaint little study rooms I’ve been using for tefl lessons and writing blogs.

While keeping my blog in mind and looking for good writing material, I went for a drive up the mountains to a place called Gaurdsman Pass, for a good view of the valley. It did not disappoint. The air is so clean and cool, like mountain air should be. I snapped a few photos, happy to be in the moment, before I organized a short video on acclimating to elevation.

Watch on YouTube: How to acclimate to high elevation


It is really beautiful here and I can’t wait till it starts snowing. I’ll bet this town takes on a whole new look. Winter is coming! Till then however, I just plan on working and earning money while trying to get used to living with strangers again. I haven’t made any decisions, but if it looks like I can’t manage the stress of living with others, I may just quit. My health and happiness are my priorities, not adventure and earning money.

imag1024I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of how law of attraction works in life, but I know it only works when I’m happy. The struggle is finding somehow to be happy when I don’t feel that way.

Driving buses in a ski town was a strange choice for someone who gets anxiety from crowds and traffic. No one ever said I learn things the easy way!

Does anyone else crave solitude as much as I do? How do you handle feeling overwhelmed by people? I would love to hear from you!

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