You may be new to the concept of Law of Attraction, but we use it everyday. This post briefly explains how to make it work for you!

I was sitting down to meditate this past winter while living in the basement of a large five bedroom home in Park City, Utah. My roommates were noisy, dirty and I hated living there.

I did have a room to myself which helped. With the door closed I could at least feel safe enough to relax, in spite of the unimaginable racket throughout the home that never ceased to end.

With my eyes closed, I began to breathe and started to play around with the law of attraction. I sat and visualized my perfect life- away from all those people. Using my imagination, I created someplace beautiful and warm and where I could be happy.

I gradually envisioned driving my truck with the windows down and feeling the air on my skin. My favorite music was playing through the radio, the sky was bright blue for miles and I was near an ocean. I even pictured getting out of my truck and walking barefoot on the beach. What a nice thought!

When I was done feeling this moment, I opened my eyes, came back to my bedroom and heard a voice inside that said Antelope Island State Park.

Antelope Island State Park, Utah. After using the law of attraction, I found myself here, living the same emotion I had practiced. I was overwhelmed with joy here!

Without questioning it or thinking really, I got up and left. I was driving to a state park that I honestly knew nothing about. I hadn’t even planned how to get there, so I quickly used my phone to map it.

An hour later… I found myself driving on a long stretch of raised pavement through the Great Salt Lake. It was such a nice day, I had my windows down. My IPod was plugged in and when I reached the park entrance I was stunned to see people sunbathing… on a beach!

I suddenly realized, “Wait a minute. Didn’t I just imagine all this while meditating earlier?!”

I laughed very hard to myself for a long time because I knew I had manifested this experience using the law of attraction. I took my time to enjoy the day but thought, “If this worked… I wonder what else I could do?”

Antelope Island, March 2017

A Brief Introduction to the Law of Attraction

Ok boys and girls, here we go. I will attempt to explain what the law of attraction is, how and why it works and what you can do to manifest your ideal reality. As far as I understand it!

To begin with, we’re all energy. All of us

Everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell is made up of energy. Everything in the universe down to the smallest part of an atom is energy. Including… thoughts and even emotions! Weird right, but with me so far?

Everything is energy including our thoughts and emotions.

Another key aspect to understand is that we live in a universe based on attraction. Like attracts like. Energy of a certain frequency will attract more of the same frequency. Ok, easy enough.

We live in a universe based on attraction.

So here’s what’s going on.

If everything is energy (including our thoughts), and like attracts like, then whatever I think about will attract more of it?

Yup! You got it!

Living in a universe based on attraction means whatever you think about, you create more of. Whatever you think of, grows. That’s an important mantra to remember. Ever heard that old saying, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

For example, if someone spends their days telling themselves, “I don’t have any money. I can’t afford this. I can never buy the things I want. I hate rich people. I am always broke.” Guess what… then that’s that truth.

So bearing all this in mind, another important thing to remember is that we have the most amazing gift of all…

We create our own reality

Through deep meditation and mindfulness, spiritual practitioners for thousands of years have known that we aren’t separate from one another, but rather connected to a mass consciousness. We are all extensions of the same thing/ universe.  And that creation actually starts inside us.

Think of the universe like a mirror. Whatever you put out there gets reflected back to you.

Your perfect life full of happiness, joy and abundance is waiting for you to create it first.

How do you do this?

The last thing I’ll mention in this post is the most important of all.


Feeling really is the secret. Don’t believe me? Read one of my favorite books called, Feeling Is The Secret by Neville Goddard to learn more about how to create your dream life, purely using your imagination.

If our emotions are energy too and we live in an attraction based universe, then how I feel is being reflected back to me as well! And emotions are the most powerful tool we have!

Use your thoughts to create good feeling emotions, and you’ll create more of the same.… Click To Tweet

Just like when I sat and visualized driving with my windows down and feeling the air or walking barefoot in the sand- I felt it first. I felt it so deeply it was like I was actually there! And the universe responded quickly by saying, ‘Oh you feel like this now? Ok. Here’s more of it!” And I had the best, completely unplanned day ever at a beautiful park in Utah.

Bison roam free here! I had no idea! The law of attraction rewarded me with such a great day, all because I felt it first. Thanks Universe!

And that’s how it works. In a nut shell. There’s so much more to discuss but…

If you want new car, first feel what it would be like to drive it, and describe in every detail.

If you want a new relationship, feel it and experience all the amazing, wonderful aspects of it first, in your imagination. And the Universe will start pulling strings to make it happen for you!

It takes time. It takes practice. And you have to let go of trying so hard, which for me is a work in progress. But I’ve been overwhelmingly impressed with my experience so far. I hope you will be too!

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